The Shooting Chauffeur

Meet The Team

James Kissock

James has lived nearly all his life growing up in the countryside with over 15 years shooting experience and with around 50,000 miles travelled a year in his previous roles he is the ideal package for you. Long days and late nights do not bother him in the slightest. His aim is to provide a service for both you and / or your clients. James is polite, punctual and discreet in his work making sure that every detail is taken care of to ensure your day or days run as smoothly as possible. Nothing is too much trouble and you may find he has already thought of it.

Harry Kissock

Harry is your Chauffeuring man (as well as James' younger brother) his time in the army means his attention to detail is second to none. Whilst he enjoys game shooting his work commitments mean he is mainly on hand for Airport to Hotel transfers and back again. He is in strong demand during the season mainly from our overseas clients who love chatting the journey time away with him about various topics.

Oliver Turner

Oli is a part time farmer between Aug and Jan once the corn is cut and will either be found in a butt or on a peg. When he is not there you will find him back on the farm tending to his wild English partridge as best as he can. Oli is a great chap to have with you on the peg and is very polite and smart. He is practical to boot and will have the ability to fix or find a solution to most problems that could come up in a day. He is a good shot and will also help you to read where the birds are likely to be flushing from having sought out the keeper on the day and had a word (in his Yorkshire way)

Caroline Kissock

Caroline is the back bone of the operation looking after the logistics, bookings and general enquiries both prior during and after the season has ended. During the day it is not always easy to check phones when in the field nor may the signal be there. Caroline provides that helpful link and is able to answer most questions and or will get back to you ASAP. As well as this Caroline will also move guns and cartridges for clients where required.

William Wombwell

Raised on a south Cambridgeshire farm, William first started shooting pigeons around the farm yard and progressed to the field of game shooting at the age of 13. Since then he has been privileged enough to have shot game all over the country for the last 17 years, from fast hedge hopping partridge in Norfolk to extreme pheasants in Wales. Having a commercial shoot on the farm he has been fortunate enough to have also been involved in all aspects of game shooting and management both in and out of the season. As well as this he is proud to say that through conservation management he has been able to increase the numbers of wild english partridge on the farm.

Luke Roberts

Luke is a great guy to have on a day a bright and cheery chap who spends August to October every year Hosting / Instructing and or Loading on the Grouse moors. Outside of this Luke runs his own shoot and exceptionally passionate about shooting and the Countryside. He will also help out on the Grouse moors outside of the Game season in his local area. He is a first class instructor and is definitely one to have for Grouse be it your first time or hundredth time.

Dave Stewart

Dave is an experienced shot as well as Head Loader on a shoot local to himself. He spends a lot of his Sunday time in and out of the season instructing at Bisley Shooting school. His enjoyment and passion for shooting shine through and he is always considered a great help by any client on a shoot day.

Clive Wells

Clive is a regular Instructor at Bisley, E J Churchills, Holland & Holland and also works on a shoot local to him helping to organise Loaders. His experience in the Game field and also Instruction at Bisley make him ideal for any novice or expert gun. He has a great way of coaching which really helps people either understand or correct habits to improve the days shooting. His other hobby is making sticks be it for show or for work of which several TSC clients have had sticks made by Clive.

Trevor Brushett

Trevor is a full time professional Chauffeur who is based in London but will travel all over. He is great for Airport runs as well as using in and around London when in town. He will also collect clients from shoots at the end of the day and get them where they need to be. Being a Londoner his knowledge around the sites as well as the traffic hotspots will always keep you where you want to be and on time.

Louise Maynard

Louise is a very experienced and qualified loader. Her ability to help select birds for clients and load is something to be seen. She certainly gets the results. Louise has a love of the countryside with horses and dogs as well as her macaw; Charlie. Lousie is a real asset to the team and is a great Chauffeur to boot.